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Data Problems Crave Physicists

Sometimes one needs an outsider to help solve a problem within an organization. However, where does one find somebody with the analytic abilities to truly understand the problem while delivering a data-driven answer? The problems of day-to-day life are often as intractable as trying to understand the formation of Universe. This is why organizations look to those who did `Big Data` before it was mainstream: a physicist data analyst. 

Snooty Analytics is a boutique consulting firm that is unique in the Netherlands: analytics with a physicist twist.


Who is behind snooty analytics:

About Dr. Tunnell

Dr. Tunnell has over 10 years of experience as a researcher and data analyst in the field of particle and astroparticle physics.  He helped answer some of the deepest questions about our existence, using cutting-edge technology.  He has written 30 articles in esteemed physics journals, including three articles with more than 250 citations. However, when he started, the statistics and Big Data techniques were too specialized to be more widely useful outside of Big Science projects.

Technology companies and open-source tools have made significant progress in lowering the barrier to entry into data-analytics. At this point, the same data exploration techniques that search for Dark Matter or the Higgs particle can be used for actionable business insights.  Having access to a stockpile of data, companies can now learn things about their customers or solve problems that they never thought were possible. However, data analytics is not a panacea.  Understanding what is and is not feasible requires an expert, which is where Dr. Tunnell steps in.

[Dr. Tunnell will not take clients that create a conflict of interest for his active research or other clients.]


Resume highlights

  • Doctorate from University of Oxford in Particle Physics
  • 10+ years analytics experience at CERN, U. Oxford, U. Texas, U. Chicago, Nikhef
  • Leads team of 90 analysts within a world leading Dark Matter experiment (XENON1T)
  • Turing Computer Science Scholar at U. Texas
  • Member of two experiments that each lead to Nobel Prize (SNO; ATLAS).
  • A recipient of the Breakthrough prize 2015


Data Analytics Consulting

Buzz words like "Big Data" and "Cloud" keep popping up. Technologies and methods are advancing so quickly that it is sometime hard to distinguish the forest from the trees. Who do you have in your corner to guide you through this ever-changing "data" landscape?

Snooty Analytics is a boutique analytics consulting firm that helps small- and medium-sized enterprises convert data problems into solutions. This can include framing problems into project plans, prototyping solutions, ensuring sustainable results, or just exploring your data with you. 

The technology is just an implementation of an idea; however, we are proficient in most cutting-edge (PythonpandasNoSQLMap-Reduce; machine learning) and many prolific (MySQLmassive parallel computing) technologies.  


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